Welcome to my Blog Site

My name is Kian Burley, best know as the honorary Assistant Trainer to Fergal O’Brien.

Since we have entered another lockdown, and despite my letter to Boris we still aren’t allowed to go racing, I have decided to start writing blogs about my passion for horseracing. I hope you enjoy them.

Latest from the Blog….

Hexham for my Grandads birthday 🥳

Last weekend it was my Grandad’s 60th birthday so we decided to do something special for him to celebrate it. I mean he is getting old and deserves it! To be totally honest if it wasn’t for my Grandad I don’t think I would love racing as much as I do, because he was the […]

Gemma Tutty London marathon for Racing Welfare 🐎

Everyone will already know how great Racing Welfare is, and how they help so many people in the racing industry. A few days ago I saw online that Gemma Tutty was running the London marathon to raise money for Racing welfare and I thought wow. The London marathon is 26.2 miles, and all I can […]

O’Brien McPherson Racing.

So everyone will already know I am the Honorary Assistant trainer to Fergal O’brien Racing, and I love it. Basically I go to Ravenswell and boss everyone around. Exciting news FOB racing is going to become O’Brien Mcpherson Racing.   Fergal and Greame McPherson are coming together to hopefully make the dream team.  They have both […]