Welcome to my Blog Site

My name is Kian Burley, best know as the honorary Assistant Trainer to Fergal O’Brien.

Since we have entered another lockdown, and despite my letter to Boris we still aren’t allowed to go racing, I have decided to start writing blogs about my passion for horseracing. I hope you enjoy them.

Latest from the Blog….


I decided a good idea to do while in lockdown is to write some lists of the things I would like to do and places to go when lockdown is over and we are back to some kind of normal.  So I thought i would share some of them with everyone.  The first thing I […]

Interview with Eoin Walsh

I have been thinking a lot recently about how great we all find racing, it is my favourite sport, but something that doesn’t get spoken about is how dangerous this sport is for the jockeys. These jockeys put their life on the line every time they get on a horse to go out racing for […]

Ravenswell Farm, Cake & Cardys

When I first started going to Fergal O’brien yard it was at the old yard, I visited there a few times, I loved going to see the horses and going to the gallops. Ferg then moved to a different yard called Ravenswell Farm, it is in the cotswold and it is such an amazing place. […]